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cute shimchang &gt;&lt; what should i say.. i miss him a lot :&#8221;((((
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this is the poster for my newest story Prince of Dreams on AFF kkkk &gt;&lt; enjoy
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Tittle : daddy i love you
Main cast : kris  as daddy and kyungsoo as adorable son
Rated : General

My first krisoo ff.. enjoy..


Kyungsoo is a 5 years old boy who live only with his tall handsome daddy kris. Kris is a single parent, since his wife was leaving the world 3 years ago.

"Daddy!!! Can you come to my school festival next week??" Kyungsoo gives his best puppy face to kris.

"Sorry son, i dont think i can make it. How about i send uncle luhan???"

Kyungsoo with his teary eyes cant believe what he heard. His daddy doesnt wanna come to the event


kyungsoo is crying right now, refuse to go to school. He is so angry towards kris. Kris cant handle it so he call luhan to come over and calming kyungsoo


"Uncle lulu… daddy doesnt love me anymore"

Luhan just smile and kiss the baby cheeks

"No baby soo no.. daddy loves you so much"

"But he doesnt want to attend my school festival" sulking

"Daddy cant make it baby.. he got important meeting next week"

"But uncle… my friends’ daddy will come!! Always me who doesnt get daddy to come. Always busy. My friends keep teasing me that i dont have a daddy" sobbing silently

"What?? They did that?"

"Uh huh.. i dont hate uncle lulu, but i want daddy to come … i want daddy…" crying

“Kris… take a break.. come to kyungsoo’s school festival” luhan asking kris

"Luhan.. you know i have to work for kyungsoo"

"But kris.. kyungsoo needs you more. Cant you feel it? Kyungsoo miss you so mucj kris."

Kris let out a heavy sigh. Remembering his last time with kyungsoo having quality time as dad and son.

-next week-

"Uncle…. daddy wont come right?? I dont wanna go to school. I dont wanna win the singing competion. Daddy wont see me and congratulate me. So i dont wanna go to school and going to the competition." Frowning

"No baby.. you should come okay?? Uncle lulu will be the first person who hug you and kiss you cheeks. Okay? I will buy anything you want"

"But.. i just want daddy.. i want mu daddy back. I dont have mommy anymore, only daddy i have. But daddy.. hiks.. daddy..hiks.. daddy doesnt want me anymore. Daddy will leave me like mommy did. Hiks"

Luhan hugs kyungsoo tightly. A little boy must suffer a lot since his mommy’s dead.


Kyungsoo singing beautifully make everyone who hears his cute voice shiverring. His music teacher kim junmyeon really proud of him.

"And… the winner is….. Kyungsoo!!! Congratulation!!!"

Kyungsoo step up to the stage recieving his trophy and gift

"I wanna say thank you to daddy who cant come to my competition. I dont hate daddy.. i love daddy so much" sobbing and make others sobbing too

"Kyungsoo!!!" A 186cm man screaming his son name and standing proudly between the audiences in the school hall. Kyungsoo widened his big round eyes


Step down from the stage running to the man who called his name. Jumping so the man can carry his tiny body.

"Daddy!! You comeeee"  hug the man tightly

"Daddy is sorry son daddy is sorry. Daddy loves you okay"

Kyungsoo burried his face to kris’ neck..

"Daddy i love you"

Everyone who see the scene feels so touch seeing the moment and clapping bis hand.


"What do you want to do kyungsoo?"

"Nothing.. nothing.. i just wamt with daddy…"


"Uncle minseok restaurant!! Yeaaayyyy!!!!!


The end


What ?!?!?!?
Ugly sobbing hahahahah

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